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The Battle of Boat

World Premiere by the National Youth Music Theatre

11th - 13th August 2016

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Donnelly & Maltby

A little background

Donnelly and Maltby are a musical theatre writing duo based in the United Kingdom. It all began with a writing partnership that saw the birth of percussion-musical DrumChasers in 2011, narrated by Stephen Fry.

Following two successful UK tours and international performances, the pair then worked on the FA Cup FInal Opening Ceremony in 2012. Bringing their talents back to the theatre, they collaborated (with Christopher Neame) on Courtenay, a historical tale of bloody rebellion. Other projects include the spooky, larger-than-life spectacle Apparition Smith, the sci-fi comedy B-Musical and Ada Lovelace, the biographical musical about the ground-breaking female mathematician.

In 2014, they wrote the family-friendly Christmas show The Sparkle Thief which completed a second run of shows at Canterbury's Anselm Studios in 2015. Their next venture sees the pair writing for the 40th anniversary of The National Youth Music Theatre, with their WW1-based musical The Battle of Boat.

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